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The four-year undergraduate program courses are offered in three levels: Elementary, Advanced and Professional, and Interdisciplinary Projects. The elementary level courses are designed in the first and second years, the courses such as Game Design Introduction, Design Drawing, Software Programming, Graphic Design, and Digital Music Introduction were offered to foster students’ basic theoretical knowledge. And the advance and professional level is designed in second and third years, the courses are designed in four fields: 3D Animation Design, Game Programming Design, Digital Audio and Video Design, and interactive Game Design. These courses are offered not only for required-elective credits to meet students’ multi-interests, but also for fostering student’s professional skills. Interdisciplinary projects level is designed to educate students the abilities of team work in multimedia and game industry. Through the courses offered, such as Market Survey and Product Planning, Software Programming, Arts Design, and Audio and Video Design, students in the final year will prepare to have a career with the professional and sufficient team work abilities in the digital game industry.